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Our Mission:

To make real and consistent traders, with real skills.

*14 day money back guarantee

We’re on a mission to create real traders with real skills by bringing our members the best online trading  education the world has ever seen. Period.


Our duty and obligation is to nurture & grow the next breed of real day traders, who use real skills to achieve daily results.

Our promise is to make you profitable within your first 30 days, if you completely (and only) follow our system and approach.


4 Things to Know About Us

In our time in the markets we have produced millions of dollars in return for ourselves and dozens of our clients, but what's most important is that we have found all the inefficiencies & formalities that plague most traders and created ways to help others do the same, hence our courses and community was born. 



We're Crazy Passionate

We're crazy passionate about trading and coaching others to trade profitably. 

Our mission is to create a community that is made up of real traders with real skills and who consistently earn.


We're Made Up of Amazing People

Our community is made up of amazing people who support each other. 

Everyone is on the same mission, profits, prosperity and happiness and together we work that daily


With us, Monday's Are Awesome

We LOVE Monday's! In fact, to us their are called Moneyday's.

We love them because we are great at what we do and it is our first chance to make a profit in a week.


We're capped at 150 Members

Our commitment is to dedicate the time, energy and attention to you. 

The only way for us to achieve our goals is to have a community made up of winners.

Meet The Team

Denis Popivoda

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Co-Founder / Lead Trader

Mark Bus

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Coach / Trader

Olly Harris

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Moderator / Trader

What we offer:


Results, just raw and real results.

We do one thing - we just do it with a monastic focus and better than anyone else. We coach traders to use a complete trading system and help them to manage their mindset daily. - In good and bad times. 


If you want to just copy our alerts, we're not for you.


However if you want to learn skills that you can use in your whole life to make profits day trading the markets, then better enroll fast, as we are capped at 150 members!

Our Tiered Member Plan

At  the PrimedTraders community, we have a three tier member system. Everyone starts off as a little fish, but we all support each other to grow and celebrate in the Community when

someone transitions up into a new tier.


Trader who earns:
$100-1,000 per month


Trader who earns:
$1000- 8,000 per month


Trader who earns:
$8,000+ per month

Learn how to manage your mindset, use a complete trading system and join a supportive community that will help you to become a better you.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you trade with a regulated broker?

Yes, we only use fully regulated brokers and we do not ever recommend you use an unregulated broker no matter what anyone says or offers. - Never, ever, trade with an unregulated broker.

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