Invest with us.

If you don't have the time to trade and follow all of our trades right now, this service is perfect for you.

By investing in our Copy Trading Program you have direct access to copy all of our trades and only pay a profit-share at the end of the month, a profit share that is based on a high watermark.

Our Investment Accounts

Day Trading

Points to know​

  • Position sizing:  up to 20% max

(10,000 / 20% = 2 lots)

  • Daily profit target: 10% 

Trading stops once account growth reaches 10% in a day, however the account might exceed the target

  • Trading halt: 5%

Trading stops if the account loss reaches 5% in a day

Our Investment


Day Trading

Points to know​

  • Position sizing: up to 50% max

(10,000 / 50% = 5 lots)

  • Profit target: 30%+

Precision trading allows for high returns with low risk, waiting for the right moment to enter at the best price

  • Trading halt: 5%

Trading stops if the account loss reaches 5% in a day

Our Investment


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What You Need to Know:

Investing in our Copy Trading Program is easy and simple! The copy trading system works on an equity to equity basis, meaning if we earn 5% you earn 5% and vice versa for losing trades. 

The main point you need to know is that we never have access to your funds, all your account is doing is copying our account activity in a regulated environment. You have and maintain full control of your account.

Both of the accounts below use the exact same trading strategy, the only difference between them is the number of trades they open and the amount of exposure on the account .

Getting started is very simple;

Follow the four easy steps below and complete the online 'Ready to Invest' form.

1. Register an account with Fondex using this link.

2. Verify your account by supplying all the necessary documents.

3. Fund your account with above the minimum requirement (100+ for day trading, 500+ for precision) )

4. Start copying!

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