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Because we employ the compound effect in some months we earn astronomical returns... and because of this you could be missing out on hundreds of thousands in returns, over time, by not copying our investment fund accounts right now.

Last updated 9.8.2020

We're the only investing service built by real traders for ordinary people.

We added our account to cTrader copy and have given the ability to traders and investors to copy our Live Trading Accounts and benefit from the potential rewards that might come. 

There are many excellent reasons to copy us, but you need to remember that there is no guarantee of profit. You are simply copying our trading account with equity to equity trade copier which is called cTrader Copy.

All investments are made with a fully regulated broker.





(i.e. withdraw / stop anytime)



Minimum $100

This account focuses only on day trading, meaning every position that is opened is closed within the same day, the life time of each trade is minutes or hours. 

The only purpose of the account is daily results.

Leverage: 1:30

Daily Profit Target: 5%

Risk Management: Structured Position Sizing

Profit Share: 30%

*Primed Community members receive rebates on every trade copied.

Our starting balance



Minimum $100

Our FIB trading strategy focuses on grabbing those bigger moves in the markets which are based on Reversals or Continuations, ideally, all positions are closed the same week.

The only purpose of the account is weekly results.

Leverage: 1:500

Weekly Profit Target: 20%

Risk Management: Structured Position Sizing

Profit Share: 30%

*Primed Community members receive rebates on every trade copied.

Our starting balance



Minimum $500

The September investment fund begins on the 31st of August and will focus on achieving 10% per day for 23 trading days, we will use the law of compounding to achieve a total balance of 162,800.00 balance.


(The total Roi we are looking to achieve is 700%+ by the use of Compound interest)

Leverage: 1:100

Daily Profit Target: 10%

Risk Management: Structured Position Sizing (20% of balance)

Profit Share: 30%

*Primed Community members receive rebates on every trade copied.

Our starting balance



Frequently asked questions

What markets are traded?

We trade and invest in Forex, Commoditites, Shares, Indices and Cryptocurrencies on all 3 accounts, the only thing that differs is the time-frame we look for the trades and how long we stay in the trade.

Do you charge a fee on my investment?

We charge a 30% monthly high watermark profit share on all 3 accounts. *What is a high water mark? A high-water mark is the highest value that an investment fund or account has ever reached. A hurdle rate is the minimum amount of profit or returns a hedge fund must earn before it can charge an incentive fee.

How does this type Copy Trading work exactly?

We use cTrader Copy, the system works on an equity to equity copy system, this means: if we earn 5% you will earn 5% irrespecitve of the fact that our balances will differ, the algorythm will allocate you instantly the 5% earned. The same goes for losing trades.

How much does the membership cost, and what benefits do I get on my investments?

The Primed Money Membership starts at $9.00 monthly and the main benefit you get on your investment is rebates (money back on the spread you pay). Aside from this you get to recieve ongoing comments on the trades that are taken from which you can learn to also trade for yourself and not soely depend on us. *You can get from 20% all the way up to 50% of the spread back depending the account you choose to be on.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Absolutely! You can withdraw part or all of your money at any given time. *The funds are always yours and you are investing with a regulated broker, you simply allocate the funds to our account. **You always remain in control of your investment and you can do whatever you want with it.

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