Invest with professionals

Don't have the time or the guts to manage your own money? Simply invest with us in an equity to equity copy account.


And the best thing investing with us is that the only way you can lose is if we lose all of our own money.

Investment Plans


Day Trading

This is our day trading account, all trades are closed and opened the same day. 

Position sizing is set to 20%

Our Investment


What You Need to Know:

Investing in our copy trading program is pretty simple, the copy trading system works on equity to equity trading, meaning if we earn 5% you earn 5% and vice versa for losing. 

The main point you need to know is that we never have access to your funds all your account is doing is copying our account in a regulated environment.

Both of the accounts listed below use the exact same strategy the only difference is that they use different risk exposures and one has more activty than the other.

Getting started is pretty simple too, all you need to do is follow the below steps and make sure you fill in the below form.

1. Register an account with Fondex using this link.

2. Verify your account by supplying all the necessary documents.

3. Fund your account with above the minimum requirement (€100+)

4. Start copying!

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