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Don't have the time to trade but still want to be a part of the markets? 

You can invest in our PAMM or cTrader Copy accounts!

Our Investment Accounts

  • Investing

    (minimum investment $1000)


    Prefer something more steady and long term? Then this is the account for you. ​The goal of this account is stable trading via the PrimedTraders trading system, it applies our edge over time and strives to make a daily profit without higher exposure.

    Points to know​

    • Position sizing:  up to 20% max

    (10,000 / 20% = 1 lots)

    • Weekly profit target: 10% 

    Trading stops once account growth reaches 5% in a day, however the account might exceed the target

    • Trading halt: 5%

    Trading stops if the account loss reaches 5% in a day

    Our Investment


  • You Only Live Once
    (minimum investment $500)


    This accounts duty is to focus on achieving a higher, and abnormal, return on a daily basis. Its main goal is to make a profit that can be withdrawn the same day. It focuses on precision trading and keeps activity low.

    Points to know​

    • Position sizing: up to 50% max

    (10,000 / 50% = 5 lots)

    • Daily profit target: 30%

    Precision trading allows for high returns with low risk, waiting for the right moment to enter at the best price

    • Trading halt: 8%

    Trading stops if the account loss reaches 8% in a day

    Our Investment


  • Investing

    (minimum investment $200)


    This investment is a little different to the other options, it goes on only for a 5 days, mon-fri, and its goal is a 30% gain per day with the cash out period happening on Friday or Sunday. This is an internal type of investment and is limited to only 8 people at a time. 

    Points to know​

    • Trading periods: This account only runs for 5 trading days, and is not active every week.

    • Purpose: This account is all about goal oriented trading, the goal is 30% daily for x5 days.

    • Trading halt: If the equity drops to 50% all trading stops

    Investor Limit


The data on myfxbook, the drawdown specifically is not accurate due to weekend spreads (crypto specifically), complete the form below to get the investor password to our cTrader accounts and verify the drawdown, and all other information yourself.

Ready to invest?

Complete the form below and you will receive the investor password to the account or accounts of your choice, where you will see every bit of detail you need to make your decision.

What You Need to Know:

Investing in our Copy Trading Program is easy and simple! The copy trading system works on an equity to equity basis, meaning if we earn 5% you earn 5% and vice versa for losing trades. 

The main point you need to know is that we never have access to your funds, all your account is doing is copying our account activity in a regulated environment. You have and maintain full control of your account.

Both of the accounts below use the exact same trading strategy, the only difference between them is the number of trades they open and the amount of exposure on the account .

Getting started is very simple;

Follow the four easy steps below and complete the online 'Ready to Invest' form.

1. Fill in the form below

2. Get all the necessary information 

3. Open, verify and fund your account

4. Start copying/investing!

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