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  • Our system and the way we approach the markets

  • The indicators we use

  • Mindset tips that every forex trader needs to know

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Our Story

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I started PrimedTraders.com because of my passion, to help other people achieve their goal of financial independence. I truly believe there is a major gap in the trading education sector for genuine, proven content, which really allows a person to become a consistent, successful trader.

PrimedTraders.com is the hub that is filling that gap, developing and educating real and consistent forex traders.

The industry is filled with thousand dollar courses that generate little or no results for the people buying them. My solution, developing a Community that is affordable and provides value every single day.

When you join us, you get access to everything for one small monthly fee. 


You get live trading sessions, access to courses that develop as you do, live daily feedback of the current market situation, regular opportunities to trade the market with the Community mentors, weekly mentor calls and private attention from me and my team!

Finally, you become part of an active experienced and supportive global Community, trading 24x5 (or even 24x7 if you advance to Crypto.) "

Denis Popivoda - Lead Trader




Our complete trading system



Mental skills required for success



Skills to do regularly that create an edge

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