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10 Tips to a Successful Trading Attitude [DAILY PRIMER 31.1.20]

Good Bye January!

In Cyprus, we are just hours away from the start of a new forex trading month and that means we are going on 2/12 to end the year...

Boy when you look at it this way, you only have 12 months in the year to make this year a success and since its the start of a new decade that means what we do with this year will highly impact how this decade ends... but that's a subject for another time!

In today's Primer, we are going over 10 (quick) tips to a successful trading attitude and midset!

I went fast through it as I have a dinner date with my wife for the 32nd birthday and I can't afford to be late! :D

Enjoy the video!

#TradingMindset #ForexPsychology #ForexTrading

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