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2 Questions Every Person Should Answer Daily!

Todays blog is all about personal development and how you get to the top 5% in every aspect of life, from relationships, to trading and all the way to work.

The first point is that you must have a goal, goals are what should be getting us up in the morning and they should be putting us on the right path each day, basically they are designed to hold us accountable and consistent so we don't wander of far from the path which leads to success, happiness and even glory!

Thus before we head into the blog post and go over these two questions, which if you ask and answer daily will make you a better day trader just as they will make you a better friend, partner, parent and anything else, it is important to set some goals, do you have goals? If you don't, its about time you set some!

We need to distinguish the fact that wishing, hoping and wanting is not really a goal, what you actually pursue daily and how you life your life daily is what we are after when we set real goals. When we have real goals we do something called "prioritizing", and that's when we get consistent, disciplined and motivated.

Keeping in mind that in the markets we are just a resemblance of who we are out of them, because the trader remains the same (it's you!), hence why it is vital to focus on becoming a better person, and when I say better person I don't mean you need to save more trees or donate more to charities, I mean an overall better you, in every aspect! - The best version of yourself!

One way to do the above is to have goals! Now when we have worthwhile and tangible goals we can then move on to ask the two golden questions which are sure you make you a better day trader just as much as a better salesperson, analyst, parent, father/mother and so on, but they will also increase the quality of your life!

When you have your goals set, you can being asking yourself the first question, and this question is asked in the morning when we start up your working/trading day!

QUESTION #1: What can I do today to get closer to my goals?

As a day trader you might say some of the following things:

  • I will follow my system to the dot (entry, exit, risk)

  • When trades are working out well I will get aggressive... when they're not, I will be patient and wait in cash until better opportunities arise

  • I will not force or chase a trade - I will let the setups come to me

  • I will be focused and devote time to my trading when I know I can give it the focus and respect it requires

Anyhow, you get the drift. I have both of these questions sitting at my desk and I know the answers to them every time I ask, but that does not stop me from repeating this question every single day - and giving the answer!

QUESTION #2: What did I learn today and how can I use it to get closer to my goals tomorrow?

Anyhow The 2nd question is self-explanatory, it asks me what I've learnt today and what I need to do tomorrow to get closer to my goals, so the answers to this question become of paramount importance to me and my goals, that is why I write them down and focus on doing what I need to do!

Because these two questions are so powerful and have completely changed my life over the last 30 days (since I asked doing this) I will be making it a practice, a constant one, to the PrimedTraders Discord community, and I will look to get every member to answer these 2 questions daily, at least for their trading goals!

Anyway, I hope you at least try to apply this in your life, work or trading too and I promise you'll find it valuable, very valuable indeed!

Thanks for reading and make sure you subscribe for more!

Bye-bye! :)


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