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A morning routine to become a TOP TRADER!

Hey Traders!

Yesterday I sat down and drew out a plan for my morning routine and I kick-started my day by following the "rules" / "Process" of my new morning routine, and I've got to tell you guys... if already feel much better, more motivated and defiantly much more productive so far today!

All of this is leading to a solid morning in the markets. I've taken a few solid trades on the NASDAQ and the DAX and I'm in a solid profit for the day.

Now, the reason I set out a routine for myself is because I realized (last week) that my production levels have been dropping a little so the main purpose of this morning routine, which all traders can replicate, is to set myself up for a successful trading day, in both key areas which are mental and physical.

Below are some key points I've added to my routine.


Waking up early gives you the luxury of relaxing and easing into your trading day.

Getting up early will help with building discipline

You'll get more time for your personal life, you'll be able to dedicate time to a workout and other productive morning duties which can become vital routines to a happy, health and productive life!

Overall, getting up early will help your mind be calmer before your trading begins


Working out in the morning makes you more motivated which leads to being more alert and if you have traded for any period of time you will know just how important being alert is, so if it is important to be alert then it is important to have a morning workout!

Working out in the morning will give you the following benefits (and many more):

  • Less stress and anxiety

  • Better health

  • Better sleep and energy

  • More productivity

  • Focus/Alertness

  • Happiness


Before we begin our trading day we need to be prepped on what is happening in the markets right now, the easy way to do that is to read the major headlines of websites like, and so on, we do this so we can have an overall picture of what is driving the markets, once the fundamentals are done we can move to forming a watchlist in which we want to also know all the key levels for the assets we choose to trade and also see any price action patterns that have formed.

Having a routine when it comes to your day trading is vital too, and it helps with the following:

  • Builds confidence

  • Gives clarity

  • Strengthens mental skills (like discipline)

  • Helps with overall self-improvement

  • Puts you in a primed mindset for the session ahead


I do all of my planning for the the day ahead the night before. I read this rule a long time ago in a book, that for the successful "tomorrow starts today", meaning that we need to prepare our day in advance the night before.

This has remained as a habit in my life for well over 8 years now. Everything I need to do today is dotted down in my calendar the night before and the day does not end until I complete this!

This helps me to get a jump start on my most important tasks, including my new morning routine!


Being committed to a routine is what makes it a routine, consistency is something you do it is not something you get or have.

Do you have a trading routine? If so let us know how yours is in the comments below!

Thanks for reading this and we hope it helps!

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