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Become a better trader by just answering these questions!

Hey Traders!

Most people think that trading success is found within a system... yet a successful trading system could be something as simple as 2 or 3 basic combinations, knowledge of price action and a sprinkle of instinct.

To me successful trading is a completely different path, I believe that real trading success falls into one sentence which is "Constant and never-ending improvement",

self-improvement that is, and in today's post, since it is the weekend, I want to go over this core improvement process with you so you too can become a better trader next week!

First to make it clear, I believe that out of the 100% required for trading success the system part falls into the low 10%, while the other 90%+ is within you, it is your knowledge, knowhow, instinct, mindset and everything else that makes you... you. The system is something you learn once and all you have to do is follow it forever with consistency and focus, sounds simple right? It kind of is but we humans tend to make it complicated.

Anyway, its Saturday the 9th of July and I want to give you 6 questions that if you answer will make you better by at least 1% right away, but if you continue to answer these questions each time you will, guaranteed no matter what (as long as you are honest) get better by 1% each time, how much better you become in entirely up to you, and by that I mean how honest you are and how consistent you are in answering these questions!

So, without anymore delays, here are the 6 questions that can make you a better trader:

  1. What was my biggest loss and why?

  2. What was my biggest profit and how?

  3. What was the best thing I did this week?

  4. What am I most excited about for the upcoming week?

  5. Did I follow my system on every trade?

  6. Was I in control of my trading, mentally, every time I traded?

In the below video you can watch me answer these questions and explain this subject too in more detail, just make sure you keep scrolling down as there are a few BONUS questions for you!


  • What prevented me from being a better trader?

  • What motivated me most to follow my process?

  • What should I not repeat next week?

  • What should I repeat next week?

  • What do I regret not doing?

That's it for now! Oh!! By the way... just last week we released a course on Udemy which goes over our complete trading system, we low balled the industry completely and instead of charging 1000s for it we set the price at just 30$ yet you can get it for 54% off if you press here right now!


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