Direct investing with (How to)

Investing directly with us is pretty simple and efficient. All an investor has to do is acquire one of the investment packages to get started.

The Sets to begin direct investing:

  1. Go to

  2. Review the blog section for the latest plan

  3. Go to the "Direct Investing" button (on the same page)

  4. Choose the plan you want (200, 500, 1000)

  5. We'll get in touch with all the details

PS: make sure you fully accept and understand the risk involved.

How direct investing works:

A pre-determined date is set for the start of the investment plan, we always look for the most liquid trading weeks because they can help us achieve abnormal trading returns in a short period of time. Once the date is set, investments are open and the maximum investment per person is 1,000eur.

Trading usually goes on for 1 trading week where we breakdown the day into 2 sessions, London and New York. We set a profit target of 10, 20 or 30% per session depending on how aggressive we will be during the chosen week.

Investors must invest before the trading week begins as new investors will not be accepted after the first trade is taken.

What is goal oriented trading:

Goal oriented trading is all about achieving a specific target while following all the necessary systems and protocols.

As an example we will use the March 1st, 2021, trading plan. The days are separated into 2 sections, LD (London) and NY (New York), the account focuses on achieving a 30% ROI during each session and if the 30% is reach all trading is halted and we wait for the next session.

This isn't easy to achieve, luck could even be a factor to count... but when the whole system is followed and the mental aspect is controlled I would say there is a solid probability of the target being achieved.

As an overall GOT, (Goal Oriented Trading), is the process of striving to achieve a specific target in a set period of time while following the complete trading system and trade plan.

IMPORTANT: The specific plan shared above might not be suitable for everyone, it is more aggressive and would risk a total of 15% per trading session. The higher the risk, the higher the reward... and vice versa.

We have other plans that are created on a monthly basis. Choose carefully.

Make sure you read the risk warning at the bottom of this page.

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