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How to use volume analysis on Tradingview to find key levels!

Volume analysis is a vital advantage to us traders, it helps every type of trader, from day traders like us all the way to swing and trend traders.

Volume analysis helps us see where key levels are and what type of market sentiment we might have, bullish or bearish!

Before we continue, just an FYI, we have released a free resources section in our members area, for which you do not have to pay, all you need to do is register on our "members area" and you will have access to it right inside the members area, this is for those of you who are not sure they want to be Primed Traders yet, or simply do not have the finances to cover the cost of our services. Register here for free and enjoy!

Now back to the post. We have released a small video on Tradingview in which we explain the power of the Volume Profile tool they offer, we're 100% sure you will find value in this amazing trading tool!

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