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Know Your Levels [Daily Primer 31.12.21]

Todays daily primer is all about key levels, Don't make trading harder than it needs to be. Know your levels, keep track of them, have a system that says BUY or SELL as quickly as possible and then just execute your trades!

All you needed to do was follow up, know the key levels and execute. It makes this job much easier when you are prepared and this type of preparation is easy. We are looking for an edge and keeping track of levels is KEY at making easy money (at least for our day trading system).

Every Sunday I sit down and map out important levels, I also review my trades for the previous week, for development purposes, and during that review of past trades I specifically check these levels and how price behaved at them.

I'd like to show you just how important levels are, but you should also checkout our VWAP video released just before this video.

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