March 1-5 Primed Fund *update #1

Updated: Feb 28

The first ever of a series of investment rounds begins on the first of March 2021. It will be our first of many attempts to go to the moon and back, some attempts might fail, but we'll do our best to go to the moon and come back safely each time.

Investments are rolling in and the fund account has been fully booked with the total of 8 investors. We thank you for your trust in advance.

The broker that will be used for the trading is Topfx which is an institutional brokerage that is a liquidity provider and we will be trading under a professional account regulated by CySec.

To register follow these steps:

  1. Create an MT4 account

  2. Verify your account by providing your KYC details

  3. Once your account is registered follow: Add in your MT4 account number as login and the password provided to login to the above link

  4. Fund the account via vload or cyrpto for UK clients or debit/credit card for everyone else

*Contact Denis or the primed team directly on discord for assistance.

The current plan is as follows:

- 1st of March start of trading

- Target a session net gain of 30%+ (30% for London and 30% for NYC)

- End trading on Friday 5th of March and cash out

All trading will be done using the complete primed trading system, but will be focused on minute entries (2,5 or 10m) thus the trade lifetime will be at a maximum of 2-3 hours.

Here's the current plan of profit targets:

Important information:

The weekly investment plan runs Mon-Fri on selected weeks of the month only, since we believe there are good opportunities to achieve the goals we have set in the first week of March we are releasing this investment opportunity.

The investment is limited only to 8 members /// The minimum is 200eur and the maximum is 1,000eur

The last day to invest is Monday 1st of March 10:00am gmt, trading begins after investments are closed.

Denis and the team will focus on this account, Denis will not manage any other accounts in order to fully focus on achieving success with this account.

Risk acknowledgement:

There is no guarantee of profit, however we will do our best to keep the DD at 50%, if that is hit we will completely stop trading and all the remaining investment will be sent back to the investors, those who wish for us to continue and strive to achieve the goal can remain with the acknowledgement that they can lose more.

Trading and investment provides 0 guarantees of success, because past performance does not guarantee future results.

As a commitment from us we guarantee to follow our system at all times, every aspect of the system and if we do the chance of profit significantly increases.

Please read this page to understand the risks better.

This post will be updated with the results on March 6th 2021.

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