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*NEW* Free Course on how we Day Trade!

Hey Traders!

We have launched a new free course on Udemy. The course covers a day of live day trading using the PrimedTraders Predator Day Trading System, specifically on Monday 6.6.22.

There are other lessons in the course too as we touch base on mindset and motivation. Even if you are a seasoned and successful trader we are sure you will find value in this day trading course!

You can register for the course here, 100% free.



A total of 61 trades were taken on the DAX, WTI and NASDAQ over the course of the day, all trades were taken manually using the complete system.


The starting balance of the account was 9,978, you can see much of the trades taken, both winners and losers in the course, so make sure you register!


One again, you can register for the course here, 100% free.

That's it for now! See you guys later!

PS: feel free to share the course with anyone you know that might be into trading, we greatly apricate your support!


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