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Our ongoing investments solutions are fully back in action from today! Find all the available options below.

cTrader Copy

Our investment into this account is 10,000eur and the accounts focus is a 10% gain per trading session, i.e. 10% for London and 10% for New York, if these targets are reached, in most cases the account will stop trading until the next session.

Pros: You're copying our account directly via equity to equity copy, for you to lose we need to lose.

Cons: Fondex has a limited option of deposits especially from the UK where you can use Crypto or wire transfers only.

How to join if you don't have a Fondex Account:

- Register a new account by pressing here.

- If the leverage of your account is 1:30, send an email to requesting to move to offshore regulation before you proceed to deposit (unless you're planning on investing 5,000+ then)

- Once you are moved to offshore, you can upload your documents and make a deposit

- When the account is ready, press here to copy our account.

How to join if you have a Fondex account:

- Press here, and start copying

*You can request the investor password at any time by contacting us via email, live chat or on Discord.

- - - - -


Our investment into this account is 1,000eur, the goal of the account is a 20% gain per session and follows the same rules as the Fondex account, the only difference would be, in some cases, the trades that are open at the same time might differ.

Pros: Easy deposit options, plenty available and prompt customer support

Cons: Limited assets available for trading, unlike Fondex which has 1,000+

How to join if you don't have a 4XC account:

- Register a new account by pressing here.

- Upload your documents

- Deposit into your wallet

- Head to Investments > browse strategies > deposit into the Primed Traders Monthly fund account

Both trading accounts begin trading today, 8th of March 2021.

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