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Primed Watchlist: Day trading USDCAD & EURGBP [3.1.2020]

Happy happy Friday to all!

We will keep the watchlist light for today, with 2-day trading pairs which have already been released to the Discord community you probably already know what they are: USDCAD sell and EURGBP sell, both with strong bearish continuation patterns.

An important note is that focus of the markets will be moving to the US and Iran tensions and retaliation from Iran or further actions from the US... the pairs in focus will be XAUUSD, WTI, BRENT and JPY.

We expect action over the weekend so closer to the end of day we might positon ourselves for weekend trading so grab any possible gaps!

Moving over the active trades: USDCAD & EURGBP

(click on image to enlarge)

USDCAD already has created it's breakout since it is a Petro currency and WTI & BRENT rose strongly overnight making all 5 Petro currencies stronger.

We started building (compounding) the selling on UC and will ride it to 120% as seen below, any further action will be disclosed in the community.

As for EURGBP, we are just waiting on a breakout, price action is very nice and shows a great chance of that breakout coming today, but we only expect a TP next week, if it can be reached!

Thats it, keeping it light. On our watchlist for the US session will be WTI/BRENT, JPY and XUAUSD so more info is coming later!

Happy Friday!