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The Anatomy of Success

It is a well know fact that our habits have the power to change our life for the bad, worse, good or better, we just have to choose the right habits. This post is all about habits and it gives you powerful affirmations that when repeated and applied have the power to help you to form good, great and/or powerful habits so that you can add that "little" extra to your ordinary and become extraordinary! We are all creatures of habits, human beings that is, both good and bad habits. Once we get in the groove of a habit it is hard to change direction. Our habits can work either for us or against us, the following are common habits and traits of the most successful people in the world, the trading world, sports world and business world.


Make sure you get in the "groove" of success by repeating and following these affirmations:

  1. I have clearly defined goals and I have identified the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

  2. I have a well though out "battle plan" in achieving my goals which I peruse with relentless persistence, self-sacrifice and discipline.

  3. I believe in myself and my destiny with success.

  4. I have an intense desire for success which creates an energy force which enables me to pay the price of self sacrifice, hard work, persistence and self discipline in order to achieve my goals.

  5. I picture in my minds eye the rewards of success which serves as the "fuel" to keep my engine burning.

  6. I know I am destined for success, everything that happiness in my life is for the purpose of obtaining my success. I view setbacks as learning experiences which invariably will offer seeds of opportunity. Problems are never problems but challenges that with careful though and action are overcome.

  7. I know that anger, jealously and negative thoughts are to be avoided like a plaque. They are viruses which infect a persons mind destroying the will to succeed. I know nothing can get me mad unless I allow it to.


That's it! Now its all up to you to get into the habit of saying and doing the things successful people do and you will create an attraction force that will enable you to be your own magic genie, with not three, but an unlimited number of wishes which you can grant for yourself.

Just keep repeating these affirmations daily and practice what you preach: Your wishes will be your own command!

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