The Primed YOLO account

YOLO is a pretty cool term, it stands for You Only Live Once, and in this one life we have and for anyone living in a civilized society money is a vital aspect of it, thats why we started the Primed YOLO account!

Quick returns is what this account is all about and we went big with our commitment to it, 100k big!

The point of the account is simple, find the best and quickest returns in the markets in the sessions we trade and go as big as 50% position size. - The accounts only purpose is profits and big profits today.

The idea is simple, less activity more quality and every trade is based on the multiple time frame analysis of the minute charts, hence we can keep the risk very tight while we can increase the rewards by focusing on precision trades and trades that have solid price action momentum.


- Minimum investment $100

- Daily withdrawals available (withdraw any time as much as you want)

- Our monthly highwater mark profit share is 15%

*What is high water mark? That means that month over month the account needs to grow and surpass the profits generated before in order for the 15% to be charged. The 15% is charged only of the profit and not your balance

- The leverage of the account is set to 1:50 controlling the risk further

Copy the account directly if you have a Fondex account by pressing here.

The account has already started trading, see the live stats here:

- Link:

- Password: _LRdJpM (the password expires, if you need a new one contact us)

Want to talk to use about it? or just need help with the setup? Contact Denis directly on Discord or whatsapp/telegram on +38163405-033

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