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Time to Make Some Bank!

This Wednesday is the super bowl of trading... the world cup of the markets! This is a day in which traders get to shine... it is a "special" kinda moment!

This Wednesday the FOMC meets and there are high expectations of a rate rise, well actually a rate rise by the FED is pretty much a guarantee the only question is how high do they go and what will they project will happen with the US interest rates for the rest o 2022. All of this together with the uncertain times the market is in will create big volatility.


These type of news events offer us an unusual amount of trading opportunity, the markets are already moving because of what could happen on Wednesday and today is just Monday, tomorrow more opportunities will present themselves and come Wednesday... well that will be the big finale, but it is important to note that even after this even strong trends could occur not only for the next few hours before the market close... but well beyond the next few days/weeks.

This week is an excellent trading market. And as an intraday trader there is a large check the market is about to write to you if you just act in your self-interest.

As an intraday trader we have some huge advantages and it is our duty to take advantage of them. First we can be extremely selective with what we trade and by this I mean we need to find the assets that are best for us to trade, and right now pretty much everything will be moving in the markets, but the USD and US Indices will be especially prone to volatility so for me... my focus is right there!

I've been telling our community for a while now that all you need to do to successfully trade is to devote a period of focus to the markets, like 60 mins of pure focus and watch every tick. Doing so enables us to find the assets true intraday levels and also get into the zone of trading where we get a feel for the asset!

When sit down with focus and you watch every tick you will realize that there are numerous opportunities during the trading day to spot excellent risk/reward plays and you will be able to exploit this. You'll quickly know intraday levels because you will watch them develop and then that is where you can establish significant positions. (these positions/trades often are easy plays that most mediocre traders could identify by just watching... but the problem is too few traders actually watch the charts...)

This is our time to grow our bank accounts. All it takes during this special trading week is to relax and wait... then and act when clear opportunities are presented to you. The market will serve you with opportunities if you are just focused and ready for them. But remember... if you try too hard, if you spread yourself far apart on too many assets and too many trades, then you will swing and miss at this opportunity.

Good luck trading this week!

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