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Very powerful Day Trading setup!

Hey traders!

In this post we'll go over an extremely powerful day trading setup, a reversed Head and Shoulders chart pattern right at, or around the daily VWAP.

The latest example of this can be seen just this Friday a few short hours before the New York market close when a reversed head and shoulders pattern was formed at the VWAP indicator which caused a 320+ point move upwards!

The VWAP is a pivotal point of any trading instrument, a lot of traders are watching it and big moves could occur when price reacts to the VWAP, either forming a pattern or a full on breakout!

In the below video we explain in further detail what you need to look for and how you too can take advantage of these setups and reap big rewards! (That is if you have the courage and confidence to ride a winner)

In the below video we quickly go over Bitcoin too, price action suggests we are in a range right now which has more probabilities towards the downside than the upside.

Anyway, have a look at the video to learn how you too can apply this basic process to reap BIG rewards in day trading the markets!

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