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Hi, I am Jonathan my plan is to retire from my job and become a day trader so I can do the following:

1) Pay of my debts eg credit card, loan, car, mortgage.

2) Pay off my mums debts and get her new Windows as she has old wood Windows that are rotting.

3) Pay off my partners debts.

4) Start an animal sanctuary with my partner, take in the unwanted pets and give them a home, also rescue injured wild animals, get them back to health and release them back to the wild (we are doing this currently from the annex on my partners house).

5) Start a charity for helping homeless people in the UK, go round giving them hot food and drinks, blankets and essentials.

6) Build a shelter for homeless people to come and stay, have free food and drinks.

7) Set up a program called “back on track” to help the homeless people get their lives together and become independent again.

8) Start charity to begin helping in foreign countries, clean water supplies, equipment to fish or farm with.

9) Look at investing money for economic solutions to reduce our carbon footprint, green energy, building eco homes, clean fuels.

10) Save some money for the future of my family, my daughter, my nephews and nieces so they don’t have to worry about money, maybe give them jobs when they are older and how that they can continue to make the charities grow once I’ve passed away.