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Copy Trading

*The minimum deposit to start investing with us is just $100.

*You decide which of the personalized investment funds you want to copy. You can tweak, withdraw or add-on to your investment at any time.

*We offer 3 different investment funds that fit the need of every investor.


*Ongoing access and a lucrative learning experience is provided by webinars, live trading workshops, emails, text content, and a big, BIG video library.

*on-demand learning to help you seize this one life we have. We offer tips for career, trading, investing, saving, and everything else that helps you master yourself... since trading success is 90% mental we focus on getting and keeping you in a Primed state!

*Get access to all of our courses, both new and old.


*Access to direct coaching provided by our lead trader and founder, Denis Popivoda. The sessions focus on making you the best version of yourself, helping you create and adopt our trading systems and plans to your daily life and overall to help you to seize your trading and make you a real trader, so you can have real freedom.

*Sessions start at $50, but don't forget your member discount works for every single session!

*20% discount for Essential members, 30% for Plus, and 50% for Executive members. 


*We are not just an education and community service provider... we have our very own A book brokerage and we offer every member a safe and secure environment to prosper with their trading while we give them back a percentage of the spreads or commissions they pay. 

*An A Book brokerage is a broker who does not benefit from the losses of the trader rather the broker only collects a commission and passes on the trade to a liquidity provider, such as a large bank. This means we want every trader to trade, profit and continue trading and we do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

*A rebate is a percentage of the spread you pay to the broker for trading, we give you a percentage of that back.

*Get 20% of the spread back on the Essential plan, 30% on the Plus plan and 50% on the Executive plan.


*We have courses on everything that matters... from getting started in trading, to understanding our complete system and ending with how to manage your mental state.

*Every member gets on-demand access to these courses for free.

Private Trading Assistance

*Never trade alone again... have an expert right by your side to help you with your exposure, trading plan, and even create solutions for any bad trades you might have open! If you have faced losses in your trading in the past, the PTA team will go above and beyond to make sure that never happens again.


*We run an exclusive Discord community where all of our members get a chance to learn directly from us, get trade alerts on the trades we take and so much more.

Course Access( Value +$5,000 )

*Get instant access to all of our courses, including a comprehensive onboarding course for FREE, just join in one of the plans, even the 9$ a month plan.

Learn more about our courses here.


Mon - Fri: 3am - 8pm GMT

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