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Industry since 2016.

We make real traders, with real skills.

What we are all about


Results first is our direct motto for business because without the results we can't keep our clients nor can we grow our business via referrals. We invest all of our time daily to guide our clients to get in a Primed state and then do whatever it takes to keep them there. 

We only release specific information to our members, information which is lucrative either in a sense of knowledge or know-how and on the other side can help them earn profits.

We "come to work" for one reason only, profits for us and our clients and we do whatever it takes to make sure this goal is reached every week of the year.

Community & Coaching

Copy Trading

Our education program is designed to that little extra which turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.


We offer traders across the world the ability to learn in a group community environment or get direct and private coaching directly from our lead trader.

For those of you who do not have the time to trade right now, you can always copy our corporate trading account!

We trade with a completely regulated broker and we use the cTrader copy software which makes it effortless for you to copy our trades and be safe.

Meet Denis Popivoda


Hey there!

I'm really happy to have you visit our website and if we ever work together I will be the guiding force that will act like a beacon which guides you to success every trading day!


The trading system, our analysis process and the tactics we use are all completely unique and have been created by me and my team after years of learning, failing, winning and most important the practical application of everything we have to offer... 

When you do business with us you do business with people who's only mission is your results and happiness, we will strive every day to become and be somebody who is impossible to replace!

And as a final point, we'll never let you down or misuse your business or trust.

All my very best,

Denis Popivoda

We Only Have One Question For You Right Now;

If you could profit from trading, consistently, would you prefer to trade for yourself or have a professional trade for you?